The Last Mile in Actionable Predictive Analytics

Dynamic Right-Sizing Resources for Cloud and On-Premise Services

with Optimization for Serviceability and Cost

Customer tools agents

The Right-Sizing Solution

Tunable parameters added for analyzing utilization with perceived models for future trends.

Predecir Listening Device

The Predecir listening post is a lightweight application that runs in the cloud or on-premise VMs.

Resource Utilization metrics analyze for usage predictions are calculated through Predecir’s proprietary algorithms

Production of robust prescriptions from Machine Learning generate client specific reference models

What are Predecir Prescriptions?

Predecir Prescriptions are the diagnostic outputs generated by the Predecir Listening Device and Right-Sizing Activities.  Your Prescription represents your own unique formula for ongoing optimization and cost reduction.

An automated solution that continuously learns and analyzes trends
Provides  periodic reports on usage, that enables the end user to calibrate their resources accordingly (Spin up or Spin Down)
Employs machine learning methods to swiftly and accurately predict behavior, thereby providing actionable analytics to the end user for future provisioning
Integrates into the customer’s DevOps environment when needed to preview consequences of actions based on our actionable predictive analytics
Provides a test-bench playback of simulated scenarios for pre-production testing

The Predecir Analytics Engine

The Predecir architecture is engineered to generate, store, analyze, and utilize valuable data to understand your cloud computing needs and optimize your cloud performance over time as it engages in continuous learning.

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