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A $20 Billion Annual Problem for Businesses

It is estimated that wasted cloud spend will exceed $20 billion in 2021.

Cloud use is skyrocketing for businesses of all sizes,...

but so is cloud waste...

Executives estimate that at least 30 percent of their cloud spending is wasted in 2020.


The explosive growth of AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers clearly demonstrates that companies of all sizes are embracing public cloud. However, the story of the expansion of public cloud use needs to include the exorbitant amount of waste in cloud spending.

Challenges in Cloud Spend Management

No Visibility into

Data Usage

Visibility into utilization; i.e., peaks and valleys of usage is not transparent.
Cost & utilization data is at an abstract level.

Actionable Data is


Cloud providers do not proactively give end users any meaningful analytics to help them reduce resource spending.

Negative Impacts on EBITDA

As a result, companies end up spending significant $$$$ with no clear justification of their cloud spend

The Great Need for

Cloud Customers

 - Right Sizing
- Dynamic provisioning and De-provisioning of resources
- Just-in-time Provisioning

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