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Satish Kambalimath

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Founder & CEO


Wasted cloud spend is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. It is forecasted to exceed $20 billion per year by 2021.


Predecir was conceived to address the validated market need for “Actionable Predictive Analytics” to reduce wasted cloud spend. The Major Transformative Purpose (MTP) of Predecir is to be the last mile in actionable predictive analytics.


After months of detailed market research interviewing CIO’s, CFO’s, and cloud infrastructure architects at companies both large and small, it was very evident that there is a dire need for this. The problem we continue to solve is the “Right Sizing” of cloud resources.


The four pillars of the Predecir offering PredeciRx are: 1) Visibility
2) Forecasting 3) Prediction and 4) Prescription which drastically reduces runaway costs and wasted cloud spend for our customers.



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